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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good News and Bad News

The bad news first - Father Logan, 2d Marine Division Chaplain and the only TLM celebrant up in Camp Lejeune will be retiring this Fall. But nonetheless, Fair Winds and Following Seas to the Commander.

Personally speaking, Father Logan's decision to start celebrating the TLM was a Godsend. I'll always be grateful to him for that.

But it looks like good Padre is on his way to Germany to serve returning troops headed back to The States.

Now the good news - below is the application for a 6 month vehicle pass for the Base. This will let you come aboard the Base at any gate without having to go to the Visitors Center at the Main Gate.

Just print out the form, and make sure you address the envelope to the following address;

Chaplain Jose Bautistarojas
Catholic Chaplain's Office
Under "Position in Church", please write in "Choir".
Under "Church Address", please write "St. Francis Xavier Catholic Chapel".

If you need more info, the phone number for the Chaplain's Office is 910 450-7340 or 910 451-3210

When you're coming through the gate, make sure the pass is placed on the botton left side of your windshield. The Marine at the gate will simply wave you through.

Click on image for larger image.
If you're coming from either the north or east of Lejeune, click here for a map to the St. Francis Chapel.
If you're coming from the south, it would save A LOT of time to come through the Snead's Ferry Gate. Just e-mail me and I'lll send you the directions.


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