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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'll Admit, This Sounds Like I'm Whining And Then Slapping Myself On The Back...
But read all the way through before you make a judgment call

Mrs. Caveman and I are lucky. We now have the opportunity to drive roughly 100 miles round trip to attend the Traditional Latin Mass (Camp Lejeune's St. Francis of Xavier Chapel) every Sunday. And to make things even better, we have a TLM local on the last Sunday of the month. We use to have drive about 225 miles round trip to Sacred Heart parish in Dunn, NC.

Anyhow, on our way home from Mass this past Sunday, the House Sergeant Major commented; "Kev, we shouldn't have to drive all this way. We should have a TLM in our Deanery every Sunday.

And she's right. We should, but we don't.

And I've made no secret of some of the blatantly anti-Catholic statements made from some of the parishes here in the Cape Fear Deanery. Everything from "when we receive Holy Communion, we become Jesus", to "during WWII, the Catholic Church stood by and did nothing to protect the Jews", to "outside of Mass, the Eucharist is no different than what you'd be given at a fast food drive-through".

These are things said from the pulpit by Catholic clerics.

And it would be easy to regularly attend Mass locally. To be just another dead fish going with the flow. Seriously, who enjoys spending 3 hours driving on a Sunday? But as we all know, Christ told us over and over to never take the easy way. I'm sure we all are familiar with the admonitions to take the more difficult path in life.

Along those lines, I've posted about Blessed Ralph Milner in the past. A man who died a martyr's death for the high crime of simply being Catholic. A man who was hung, drawn, and quartered. And for those who aren't exactly sure what entails to be hung, drawn and quartered - it means that he was hung by the neck and slowly strangled, had his belly slit open and his intestines yanked out, then had his arms and legs ripped from their sockets.

All while alive and conscience.

I guess that long drive really isn't all that bad after all.

Jim Fritz of TheDefender.org said it best:
Blessed Ralph Milner, pray for our dissident priests and the timid laity among us.


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